Support Ticket Help / FAQ

ALL — JMS Brands utilize the same procedures listed below for warranty, tech support and contact us.

JMS Brands = JMS CHIP, JMS EV, Daytona Twin Tec and Daytona Sensors

To submit a support ticket, you must first LOGIN to our support website.

Two ways to login: 
1) Use your secure login from Google, Facebook, PayPal and a Selection of Other tech companies
2) Create and use your JMS website account (click the link below)

If you choose to create a JMS website login — after the other JMS  brand websites are updated, you will be able to use the same credentials for all JMS websites. 
Note: When creating a new JMS account —> to set your password, click on the link that is in the email that was sent to your account.  If you choose to login using your secure login from Google or tech companies – we do not have access to or store any of your login data.

Warranty Activation / Product Registration Ticket –> Product Registration is required to return any JMS Brand product.
This process activates your warranty and verifies that you are the original purchaser of the product. It takes up to two business days for the verification process.  Products can not be returned until they are registered.  A out of warranty product still requires registration prior to returning for testing.

Technical Support Ticket –> Technical support is provided after a ticket is issued. It is required to receive technical support on any JMS Brand product.
The technical support ticket documents your technical support issue and allows you to track the progress of your solution.

Sales Inquiry / Contact Us Ticket –>  Sales Related Product Questions or General Questions (Any JMS Brand) The details from this ticket are sent to our sales group and you can track to progress of your solutions. Unfortunately Technical Support and Product Registration requests are not processed by a Sales Inquiry Ticker.