Tractionmax – TX1114DCX

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Tractionmax Traction Control Device – Plug And Play

  • Designed For Big Horsepower Traction Limited Vehicles
  • Optimize Acceleration And Traction
  • Dual Adjustment Dials Included
  • Factory And Aftermarket Tuning Compatible


TractionMAX – installs in just minutes

  • improves vehicles acceleration and traction.
  • waterproof – rugged design
  • plug and play – simple install
  • remote adjustment knobs included dial in your exact throttle and traction settings.
  • enhance low and mid-range horsepower torque and acceleration.
  • reduce turbo lag eliminate stalling on manual gearbox vehicles.
  • can also be stacked with other tuning products to maximize performance.
  • designed and assembled in the U.S.A.

each kit contains: TractionMAX device plug and play wiring harness remote adjustment knobs installation kit accessories and installation instructions

automated traction feature – turn on the feature by installing the three pin jumper (included).

  • typically this feature would be used by a vehicle with a manual transmission.

overview: traction control works once and then it is locked out for 20 seconds.

USAge exandle:

  • launch in first gear – TractionMAX controls the rate of acceleration to keep the tires from spinning.
  • TractionMAX lockout for the next 20 seconds &mdash the throttle functions like normal.
  • during lockout gears can be shifted and the throttle responds like normal.

note: to enable lockout you must go to wot (wide open throttle).

  • after 20 seconds the traction control feature is re-enabled.

ON-THE-FLY traction feature – turn on the feature by installing the three pin connector with two wires.

  • connect the two blunt wires to a momentary switch or regular switch.
  • feature is activated when the two wires are connected together.
  • typically this feature would be used on a vehicle with an automatic transmission.

overview: traction control is disabled when the two wires are connected together.

USAge exandle:

  • launch vehicle – TractionMAX controls the rate of acceleration to keep the tires from spinning.
  • push the ON-THE-FLY TractionMAX lockout button when you want the throttle to function like normal.

alternative USAge:

  • connect the two wires to a toggle switch.
  • turn TractionMAX on/off using the toggle switch
  • automated traction lockout feature – this feature is enabled when the customer plugs in the automated lockout enable jumper (included).
  • ON-THE-FLY traction lockout feature
  • use your own button or switch to enable or disable the traction control feature.
  • wiring to connect your own control button is included or you can upgrade to the optional (sold separately) JMS control button.


ARB EO Numbers:

Compare PedalMAX – Terrain – TractionMAX:


Additional information

Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 3.00 × 6.00 × 9.00 in





  1. Derek S

    Ordered this for easier adjustments no prep racing in my 950+ whp challenger. Improved my 60ft while allowing me to be consistent and not have to pedal the car.. Also you can turn the voltage down to make the car a slug so you can allow the wife to drive it safely.
    Proud to say, I had the Tractionmax hooked up on my 8.5 at 159.8 pass..

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