Pedalmax Terrain – RC0410GMT

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Pedalmax Terrain Drive By Wire Throttle Enhancement Device – Plug And Play

  • Designed For Varying Terrain
  • Adjust Based On Conditions Live-On-The-Fly
  • Improve Acceleration Or Reduce Your Pedal Throttle Response
  • Simple To Install And Waterproof


PedalMAX Terrain – installs in just minutes

improves vehicles acceleration.

waterproof – rugged design

plug and play – simple install

remote adjustment knob included dial in your exact throttle setting.

enhance low and mid-range horsepower torque and acceleration.

reduce turbo lag eliminate stalling on manual gearbox vehicles.

can also be stacked with other tuning products to maximize performance.

designed and assembled in the U.S.A.

each kit contains: PedalMAX plug and play wiring harness remote adjustment knob installation kit and installation instructions

more info: learn more about PedalMAX for trucks

more info: learn more about PedalMAX for cars



ARB EO Numbers:

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