Lightbarmax – LBMU2021

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Lightbarmax Wiring Kit. Plug And Play For 2017-2023 Ford Trucks

  • Specifically Designed For 2018+ F150 And 2020+ F250-F450 Super Duty Trucks
  • Simple To Install
  • Aftermarket Light Bar Solution
  • Universal Unit Works On Most Vehicles With This Issue


LightbarMAX completely solves the issues that occur when an aftermarket led light bar is installed on all 2018+ F150 and all 2020+ f250-f450 super duty trucks.

no more random trailer detection or blind spot/lane detection issues.

when installed the vehicle never detects the led light bar as a trailer.

easy installation:

1. Plug LightbarMAX in-between the led light bar and the vehicle trailer connector plug.

2. Connect the red fused wire to constant 12v directly to the battery or to the main power distribution box (draws no current unless the lights are on).

3. Mount the unit and led light bar.



Additional information

Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions 4.00 × 8.00 × 11.00 in





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