Cd-1 Race Ignition – 6000-6701B

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Ignition Box Only – Cd-1 Super Speedway Ignition Box

  • The Approved Racing Ignition System For Southern Super Series Cars Super Late Model Tour And The Spears Southwest Tour Series


CD-1 Super Speedway ignition box p/n 6000-6701b is made in the USA. It is a complete plug and play capacitive discharge ignition that has been designed for professional racing.

this system includes: CD-1 Super Speedway ignition module p/n 6000-6700b

  • 135 mj spark energy output
  • rpm limit – 6000 rpm minimum and 8300 rpm maximum adjustable in 100 rpm increments. The CD-1 SS module only operates in that rpm range.
  • fully encapsulated construction. 12 pin deutsch connector used for signal connections.
  • all wiring terminated into plug and play weatherpack connectors the ignition is compatible with 8 cylinder racing engines triggered by a magnetic pickup distributor or crank trigger.
  • compact size. Module is 7.0-inch lenGTh x 5.25-inch width x 1.9-inch height.
  • highly efficient switching power supply based on us patents 6518733 and 6636021. Less than 5-and current draw at 8000 rpm.
  • designed for 16v power systems.
  • JMS-daytona sensors p/n 6000-6701b is the approved ignition box for these race series: southern super series cars super late model tour and spears southwest tour series



Additional information

Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 5.00 × 6.00 × 8.00 in





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